Business to Business 

Why it works

Dealing with business owners and board of directors in a business to business setting is perfect for Its Savvy  as these are the people that are clued up on all of our innovative ways we operate to aide the development and growth of their portfolio’s.

Our focus of Brand awareness, customer retention and customer acquisition is all done based on years of experience and results.

We have put Its Savvy  in a situation where as market leaders we can be extremely selective with who we give our services too and it’s a only on the premise we can take them forward would we work with a client.

If we take a client on board we take real care on listening and understanding there needs and we believe this simple service is something that separates us from our competitors.

Attracting maximum exposure for our clients is high on our list of services, this has a positive knock on effect on the clients market share and brand awareness.

Live Events  & Promotions


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We don't only focus on the business accounts as we work with an array of clients that need different services. With some of the telecommunication clients they prefer us to be able to speak to a larger audience in live event space. We are able to be diverse to whatever our clients need, thats what makes the business so stable. As the clients change so do we. As the markets change, so do we. As people change, so do we. With the events and promotions it takes a totally different approach and allows us to speak to a whole different audience. 

The Strategy

whats the impact

Our marketing strategies stick out from the crowd some what due to our un rivaled attention to detail, this is in addition to identifying our clients unique selling point in accordance to there brand.

Following that is what enables us to plan, create and ultimately implement a campaign that suits the client’s needs.

When building and attempting to retain a customer base were extremely aware of consumer confidence.

The Research


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To represent our clients with confidence, professionalism and transparency, we invest huge amounts of energy and time to ensure these high standards are reached.

As part of Its Savvy specialist service we conduct market research for our clients to gauge which form of direct marketing would be best for their brand. This is crucial to us hitting our clients goals. Before we start working with a brand, certain expectations are laid out and decided upon. Once those have been established we start with our market research tests and figure out the best course of action to drive our clients brand and increase their sales. This process does have a certain trial and error component, however its part of the process to have the correct campaign that has been tailored to clients wants and needs and in order to achieve the best results.